A heavily forested continent that lies just off-center of the middle of the world (as seen on most Apharnian maps), Apharna is a land of great and majestic natural beauty, covered in massive seas of greenery and rolling hills carpeted in flowers. The climate is temperate and comfortable, and Apharnians are typically amiable and welcoming people.


People of great learning and religion, the general populace of Apharna is extremely well-educated. They are prone to intellectual debate, philosophical reasoning, and roundabout logic. They place great stock in magic, particularly of divine nature, and their common skill in the practice is one of the greatest factors in the prosperity of their nations. Specifically, Northern Apharna is home to the small villages and rural communities of Baalzen, one of the first civilizations of Apharna. They tend to keep to themselves, and are simple folk, though there are more than a few rumors of secrets hidden in this country. Eastern and Central Apharna is home to The Queendom of Talsh, the largest civilization in the continent, and one of the most oldest nations still standing. Their history dates back for millenia, tracing their royal ancestry back to the very first Queen Talsh herself (though many scholars debate her actual existence). The capital city of Ifiltalsh is primarily composed of libraries and churches, and is well-known as a center of worship for the Moebios, the most common religion among the civilized world.

Recent History and Controversy

The Queendom’s most recent monarch, Queen Shoria IV, has increased the military might of the nation to unprecedented levels, which many attribute to the rumors of her mother’s assassination. Her fears were proven correct when, on the eve of her 54th birthday, she was found slaughtered in her own bed, a cursed blade sticking out of her neck. The curse on the blade prevents both her body from being moved or rotting, and a clause in Apharnian law prevents the unconsensual use of magic on royalty, preventing the clergy from removing the curse. Her daughter, Celeste, currently rules the Queendom, supported by her father, the Consort Regent.


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