General Overview

A mountainous continent in the East, Irrni is topographically chaotic, dotted and marked by enormous changes in altitude with little warning. Notably, it is a place of great elemental power, frequently visited by natural disasters and transformations. As such, its people are touched by the power of nature, and Kineticism is one of the most common forms of magic, as Irrnians learn to control their roiling elemental energy.

Culture and History

Irrni is characterized by two major cultural hubs, combined in the capitol city of Glorispha. The Xian provinces to the north, and the Keshta provinces to the south are drastically different in terms of populace, and frequently clashed in the past. They were united by the ambitions of the Phyla, the First Empress. She crossed the Trascattorian mountain range that separated them, proving that regardless of the differences, any distance could be crossed. She established the Empire of Phyilascim (she didn’t pick the name) on the peak of the range, looking down upon both of their lands. Since then, the two civilizations have been mostly united in scope and purpose, even in religion, and though tensions are occasionally high between them, actual disputes are rare.

Recent History and Controversy

Recent news of Irrni militarization are commonplace, and the streets are abuzz with rumors of invasion and conquest. Irrni’s gaze seems to have turned north, towards Ockorsto, though other sources seem to point them towards Apharna, their main rival in world status. In the same vein, young promising spellweavers have been disappearing from rural villages, with rumors flying of a secret magical academy that trains them for war. The Empire has officially disavowed any knowledge of such an institution, with a promise to find and return the missing children.


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