Section 0: Contessa

The Woman who will change the world


A tall woman of dark complexion and frequently darker moods, Contessa commands respect wherever she goes. She is rarely seen outside of the Orchestra headquarters, though she is always has time to respond to calls for her assistance. She is most commonly seen wearing a tailored black suit with a narrow-brimmed hat, and a pair of shining black shoes.

When she walks, Contessa’s presence and authority trails behind her like a cloak. It’s difficult to argue with her, and not only because she can predict every statement you’ll make; rather, it’s because her sense of majesty causes others to feel inferior to her. It’s not even something that she does on purpose, but a basic fact of her existence.

Contessa speaks with a very slight drawl to her vowels, one that marks her as hailing from the Apharnian countryside. Otherwise, her speech is clear, precise, and just slow enough to allow those who hear them to process them perfectly as she speaks.


Nothing is known about Contessa, save for her birthplace. A small village in eastern Apharna, its name is lost from history. About twenty years ago, it was under attack by a Phylascar company of sky knights, razing the village to the ground. Contessa is one of only two survivors of that attack, and it changed something in her.

Section 0: Contessa

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