A world torn by war, and one woman who seeks to unite it. But is hers truly the right way?

In Syd-Cathil, four great nations wage constant war on each other, and have done so for eons. The Clans of Elterme, the Empire of Irrni, the Queendom of Apharna, and the Republic of Ockorsto have made no secret of their hatred for each other, and all any of them want is to be shown as superior to the others. Most have accepted this as the natural order of things, just how they are. And yet there are those who fight against it, who believe that humanity is capable of much more. Those individuals call themselves Orchestra, and they have devoted themselves to fighting against this mockery of order. But yet, can they truly be called heroes? Is there not some other way to fight against this tide?

Magnum Opus

TheRightHandOfMod Shannonigans